Wholesale hay supply

Complete Hay Supplies specializes in the wholesale supply of quality hay and straw in small squares to stockfeed stores large and small. We can deliver up to 750 bales in one truckload, straight from the farm.

For smaller stores we make up mixed delivery runs from our warehouse in Lilydale. We pride ourselves on our quick service – we will usually deliver in 1 to 2 days, depending on your location. We cover most of metropolitan Melbourne and often further afield, to Ballarat, Gisborne, Yea and so on. We also serve clients in southern New South Wales. Please call with your enquiries.

Bulk retail supply

Complete Hay Supplies can also deliver direct to the bulk end user: the horse studs, riding schools, hobby farmers and so on. We offer the same quick service and guaranteed quality, and cover all of Victoria and southern New South Wales. A minimum order quantity may apply, please call with your enquiries.

Strawbale construction

For strawbale construction we source the best quality strawbales from many locations around Victoria. When loading, every bale is scrutinized to ensure that it is straight, tight and square. Any bale that doesn't meet the requirements is rejected. Thus, we guarantee the bales we supply are suitable for construction. As a result, we have a steadily growing number of satisfied clients. To have a chat or to discuss your requirements, please don't hesitate to call.

Strawbales for worksites

If you require bales of straw for sediment traps, to help prevent erosion, to direct water runoff or to contain contaminated soil, please call Complete Hay Supplies.  We can promptly deliver to your worksite or demolition site.


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